After 7 Years Chatur From 3 Idiots Turns Into A Viral Meme! Have A Look At These Rib-Tickling Memes

No one has forgotten Chatur Ramalingam, “The Silencer” and his hilarious ‘Balatkaar’ speech from 3 Idiots. It has been 7 years to one of the best movies of the Bollywood.

Suddenly the scene where the drunk Chatur goes up to the terrace to indulge into a fight with Rancho while asking him to make big in life by saying “Hai himmat?.. Aayega.. Aayega?” The image has been viral on the social media since few days & we at RVCJ don’t miss a chance to make it big with our “himmat” so, presenting you some of the hilarious memes.

Hai Himmat? Dekhega memes?

1. Morning 9 AM boring lectures

2. Time to Revenge

3. When your ex girl invites you

4. Cool shit!

5. Assignments!

6. Busiest Metro stations!

7. Forever alone: Mechanical engineers!

8. Goa

9. Total Courage!

10. Examination hall

11. Dad is angry

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