A Class 9 Student Commits Suicide & Leaves A Note On WhatsApp

The outcome of a stressful relationship is often dangerous and life-hampering. And, such cases have become more so common these days. Recently, a class 9 student, all of just 13 year succumbed himself because of the not so happy family and the strained relationship between his parents.

Shanu was found hanging inside his aunt’s place around 12:30 am on Tuesday, where he had gone for a few days to visit her. Later a suicide note was found written in his mobile’s WhatsApp Application where he attributed that the disturbing relation of his parents as one of the reason for him to commit suicide.

Police reported that Shanu and his elder brother were sleeping in the same room, when the former got awoke in the middle of the night to find Shanu hanging from the ceiling fan.

“Shikhar found Shanu hanging from the ceiling fan when he awoke in the midnight. He later informed his aunt. He was rushed to Guru Teg Bahadur hospital where doctors declared him brought dead,Our investigation suggests that Shanu was upset with the relationship of his parents. His mother lives in Dubai to earn money while his father lives in Delhi and he is ill for sometimes.This was the bone of contention between his parents,” said a police officer.

It is really saddening to see such cases coming up. Indeed a great loss.

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