Meet The Man Who Spent 9 Hours Pressing Arrow Key To Reach Bottom Of An Excel Sheet!

Have you ever wondered whether your Excel sheet has an end or not? It is VAST and many a times we feel there is no end to it.

When we scroll down, the rows go on and on; however, there is one YouTuber named Hunter Hobbs, from Okhlahoma University, who has actually figured out how much time it is taken to reach the bottom.

He took up a “Challenge” and finally decided to end the curiosity. It was just him, the timer and the down arrow key. He actually put an end to those endless spreadsheets; do you want to know how much time it took?

It took a whopping 9 hours; yes, he kept pressing the down arrow key without taking a break or without cheating. After 9 hours, he was at the bottom. Watch the video…

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OMG, this is so foolish, isn’t it? He could have easily done it without wasting his 9 hours, isn’t it? This was really insane, I wouldn’t have spent my time this way, LOL

Secret to reach the bottom in 1 second

For all those who don’t know let us tell you a secret; you can actually reach the bottom of the excel sheet in just one second. Do you wish to know how? Just 2 magic keys Ctrl + Down arrow and you will be done. Do it right away and you will thank us…

Hope you have understood the secret by now; don’t waste your time in such things; do it with these 2 magic keys and concentrate on other works instead.

We wonder what made this man do this…

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