Twitterati Trolled RBI & Modi Like Crazy After The Rule For Deposits Above Rs 5000 Was Rolled Back!

Earlier RBI said if a person deposits an amount over Rs 5000 more than once, he will be questioned by the bank officials. However, today, it rolled back the decision, seeing the growing anger among people. The process was already creating a lot of confusion and there was frustrating people.

But, the decision was rolled back today for KYC compliant customers. This means that customers who aren’t KYC compliant would have to give an explanation.

People lost their cool because they failed to understand why they have to give explanations for depositing their own money. Moreover, some people quoted PM Modi’s promise that allowed them to deposit notes till the 30th of December. This order was “Stupid” and “Unfair” and eroded the credibility of RBI.

As soon as this decision was taken back, people started slamming RBI on Twitter; have a look at their furious tweets…

Such a difficult life!

My moody girlfriend!



Arvind Kejriwal must be made the new chief!

Real face!

Destroyed credibility!

New definition!


Rollback bank!

What’s happening? Why is this decision being changed again and again? Why isn’t 1 firm rule implemented? We have no clue whatsoever…

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