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10 Attractions That You Can’t Miss To Visit In The Capital City Of Russia, Moscow


10 Attractions That You Can’t Miss To Visit In The Capital City Of Russia, Moscow

Moscow, the capital city of Russia, is one of the largest cities of Europe. It is the most populated city of Russia and tourists can have a great time exploring this beautiful destination.

Here are 10 magnificent places to visit if you are taking a tour to Moscow:

1. Arbat Street

Arbat Street is a historical place where aristocrats, intellectuals and artists loved to live. Nowadays, the street has a good number of cafes, shops and restaurants along with monuments and statues.

2. Novodevichy Convent

The convent is a famous place of attraction for few reasons. It is situated inside a building which was a fortress in older days and there are four cathedrals that are definitely worth a visit.

3. VDNKh

The open-air museum of present time was an “All-Union Agricultural Exhibition” at one point of time. However, now there are more than 400 buildings inside its boundaries and visitors can increase their knowledge to a great extent by paying a visit over here.

4. Tsaritsyno Palace

Currently Tsaritsyno Palace is a museum but there was a time when Catherine the Great used to live here in the summer season. It is a beautiful place for those who love architecture and people can have great relaxing time in the park which surrounds the building.

5. Moscow Metro

Usually Metro stations are not a place to explore but the metro stations in Moscow are quite classy and they have the capability to mesmerise the visitors with their beauty. The first metro station came into existence in 1935 and now metros can easily be called lifeline of Moscow.

6. Gorky Park

The beautiful gardens inside the park are must visit as there are many varieties of beautiful flowers. What’s more, this big garden is also home to a number of cultural institutions.

7. Bolshoi Theatre

It is the most important theatre of Russia as many memorable ballet performances have taken place over here. The theatre came into existence in the year 1825 while the Bolshoi Ballet Company was founded way back in 1776.

8. Red Square

This is one place which can’t be missed on a visit to Moscow as it is in the center of the city. Red Square is a delight for visitors as there are many cultural and historical landmarks for them to visit. The importance of this place lies in the fact that it has witnessed some of the most significant events of Russia’s history.

9. Saint Basil’s Cathedral

It is being said that a visit to Moscow is incomplete without a visit to Saint Basil’s Cathedral which is located on Red Square. The building which is termed as symbol of Russia is quite unique as it seems to be taken out straight from a fairytale.

10. Moscow Kremlin

This complex is one of the most popular and most visited attractions of Moscow as it is where five palaces and four cathedrals are situated. A visit to these attractions will not only soothe the senses of visitors but will also give them an insight into the lives of Russia’s famous rulers.

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