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10 Extreme Adventures You Should Try Before You Die


10 Extreme Adventures You Should Try Before You Die

Sure many of the venturesome activities require strong physical fitness levels but then nothing worth doing is easy, so if you are thinking about doing any of these you may want to head over to the gym and start getting yourself fit and ready for the challenges ahead. Here is a list of 10 extreme adventures that you should go on before you die.

1.Trek through The Amazonian Jungle In South America


Full of extinct species whether of flora or fauna, beautiful and dangerous animals, green canopy and floating rivers will get you mesmerized.

2.Swimming With Great White Sharks In Mexico


Swimming sounds innocent, but not when it includes a great white shark. Are you ready to watch those glistening teeth and the cold water? Come to Mexico, if you dare.

3.Climb The Seven Summits Of The World


Those who love height and high places will love seven summits. These seven ladies stand on the face of the earth with immense proud. Worlds highest peaks are calling you. Go on.

4.Dive Into The Blue Holes Of The Bahamas


Bahamas blue holes has the mysteries and hidden truths buried deep down the earth in it’s deep chest. These beautifully built caves make human feel lost in their eternal beauty. Are you up to take the bold step and explore these blue beauties?

5.Surf The Waves At Shipsterns Bluff In Australia


Surfing the waves at Shipsterns Bluff can be an adventure that comes with bragging rights. Not everybody can surf the waves at Shipsterns Bluff; its takes a strong heart and a stronger soul. Would you take the chance?

6.Hiking Through The Triple Crown In The USA


Do you like challenging the hiker in you? Have you hiked the North American Triple Crown and wondered what next? The UKTC is the longest recorded height yet. Go for it before you grow old.

7.Abseil Into An Active Volcano


Do you feel the adrenaline rush often than usual? Consider an abseil into an active volcano. Call it extreme courage or pure adrenalin rush; this is by far the craziest and dangerous stunt to be attempted by anyone.

8.Surf In North And South Poles


Imagine surfing in snow showers. Spine chilling, isn’t is? This venture is a must before you die. With the right precautions, this might be the surfing experience you would not want to miss.

9.Trek Across The Sahara Desert


Sand storms, rocky plateaus, sand dunes, oasis with palms and camels,  Trekking the Sahara can be a humbling and awe-inspiring journey. Don’t miss this once in a life time experience.

10.Speed riding The Eiger


Imagine standing on the snow-clad peaks of the Eiger with the scenic sights of the beautiful place called Switzerland all around. Without a tinge of doubt, speed riding is the ultimate adventurous sport bringing the sky to your footsteps.

Indulge in these breathtaking sports and you won’t regret anything in life whatsoever before you die.

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