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10 Funny Memes Of Expectation vs Reality That Will Make Your Day!!!

10 Funny Memes Of Expectation vs Reality That Will Make Your Day!!! RVCJ Media


10 Funny Memes Of Expectation vs Reality That Will Make Your Day!!!

Life always makes fun of us, by showing us reality. Here are the 10 most amazing Expectation vs Reality Examples which will prove that reality always more scary.. 😀

1)  Moustache

Everybody wants to grow a moustache like Ranveer singh in Ram Leela but ends up like this


Image Source

2) Pout

Every girl thinks she has beautiful lips to pout, this is for you all girls


Image Source

3) Laughing

Everybody seems to have a perfect laugh, but this is what you do when you laugh


Image Source

4) Driving

You seem to be a classy hero when drive ? See the reality what do you look like


Image Source

5) Studying with Friends

We all love to study with friends because we can study more? Nah reality shows everything


Image Source

6) Sleeping

Do you have a perfect sleeping position? This pic will speak more than i can say


Image Source

7) After Gym

What you all expect to look after one day gym and the reality truth is here


Image Source

8) Getting Gifts

We all expect a hardcore gaming console in gifts and this is what we get


Image Source

9) Highlighting for Exam

Highlighting the the important points for the exam and i end up highlighting the whole book


image source

10) Hair Cuts

This is my Expectation how should i look after my new hair cut, and i look like this


These were the good examples of Expectation vs Reality, do tag your friends if you think they match in any of these photos.. 😀 Comments are always accepted

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