10 Nations That Provide Best Interest Rates. The Rates Are Much More Compared To India

Saving is a hard task in today’s times. Even harder than earning the money. And if you do manage to save some amount of your hard earned salary and decide to keep it in the bank account, then you need to get a good interest rate on it.

In India, the interest rates are mere 6% so people don’t like to invest in banks. There are many other investment ideas and businesses which they opt for even though they are risky.

But in case you want an easy and risk-free increase in the money and you have no qualms in relocating, these will be the best countries for you.

Below is the list of countries that provide a very good to excellent interest rates if you keep your money with their banks. Here you go-

10. Iran


Banks in Iran provide an amazing Interest i.e. at least 3 times more than rates in India. Yes! A whopping 18%.

9. Angola


Angola is similar to Iran as far as interest rates are concerned. Banks in Angola also provide an interest rate of 18%.

8. Egypt


Egypt is even better and banks here give their customers and interest rate of 18.75%.

7. Mozambique


You may not have heard the name of this country but the banks here provide an interest rate as stunning as 19.5%.

6. Haiti


Another not so popular country but the banks here provide an interest rate of huge 20%.

5. Ghana


This country also provides an interest rate of 20% if you invest in their banks.

4. Congo


Congo banks also provide an interest rate of 20%.

3. Venezuela


If you invest in the Venezuela banks, you will get an interest rate of 21.77%

2. Suriname


Suriname banks provide an Interest rate of 25%

1. Argentina


Argentina banks top the list by providing an interest rate of huge 27.25%

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