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10 Surprising Things That Would Soon Get Disappeared And The World Is Falling Short On


10 Surprising Things That Would Soon Get Disappeared And The World Is Falling Short On

Although it is said, world will end tomorrow, these things would probably end before the world ends. Although, you never felt short of these things in vicinity you would surely be surprised to know about few things which would soon get disappeared and the world is falling short on.

1. Phosphorus is a must have ingredient in fertilizer, whose price went up to 700 percent in 2008 and will soon diminish.


2. Demand of goat cheese continues to skyrocket after UK saw a major outbreak of Q fever diseases, where some farmers decide to halt breeding altogether.


3. Production of wine has dropped by 10%, where even if one million wine producers come together it would still not meet the shortage.


4. After 20 years, chocolate could become a luxury product with a caviar-comparable price points.


5. Population of sardine have been diminishing each year due to fluctuation in water temperature and increasing water pollution.


6. Helium is used in making of LED products, whose demand is already high. There’s a national helium reserve in Texas which is about to be sold off.


7. It is believed that world will run out of Seafood by 2040, if we continue to fish at current rate.


8. Unfortunately, the world is falling short on Tequila from 2007.


9. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the world will exhaust its gold supply in next 20 years.


10. Bacon is a meat prepared from pig, which will soon diminish due to major of the piglets being affected due to porcine epidemic diarrhea virus.


We hope few products of the above list don’t diminish.

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