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10 Things A Girl Think When A Guy Proposes Her!!!

10 Things A Girl Think When A Guy Proposes Her!!! RVCJ Media


10 Things A Girl Think When A Guy Proposes Her!!!

We all wish to experience that “Miss India wala” moment in our life. Astonished, happy, hyper active all at once. So, when a guy propose you all those gushes and blushes emerges along with some serious series of question. Just Like

1. And in which number do I stand?

Believe it or not, this is the first thought that strikes…


2. Is he really serious? Like Marriage Material or just Time Pass

Does he even want to get married or be my canteen partner?


3. Yeppppiiieee! Finally he proposed!!


4. Will my family accept him?

To be more precise, extended family.. Chacha, Kaka, sister, brother, niece, nephew, mom, dad, phewwww.. The whole country…


5. Will he accompany me in my shopping trips?

Agree gals, you do want your man beside you when you purchase that extraordinary dress, so that he compliments you!


6. I need to change his dressing style, his friends group, his this, and his that…

Yeah, you want your men to be perfect. But believe – “Imperfection is beautiful”


7. YESSSSSSSSS , I Love you tooooo..  No, No I won’t say Yes now… Do I sound desperate?

Yeah, I want to say it aloud those 3 magical words. But for the time being… Manage with “Give me some time”. Keep the chase on


8. So what will I wear in my wedding? Our children will study in Convent school only? Yearly vacation is compulsory?

Hey! Hey! Hold your horses dear… It’s just a proposal. The wedding cards haven’t being printed


9. Will my best friend accept him?

The kind approval of your best friend is equally important as the diplomatic relation between India & Pakistan.


10. Will he allow me to pursue my wildest dreams/career?

No matter where this relation goes, but gal you have a long way to go. Don’t do something that you regret later.


Yes, We cannot stay with them, but at the same time we cannot live without them. Tell us what was your reaction when you man proposed you? What thoughts crossed your mind ?

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