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13 Things Everyone Has Done But Would Never Admit


13 Things Everyone Has Done But Would Never Admit

Everyone does some weird things in their life, From childhood’s paper+candy eating to adulthood’s texting “LOL” while being Super-serious. Here are some of the things which most of us do, but never admit.

1. It must have happened in everyone’s Childhood, some part of the paper sticks to the candy while taking it out.


2. Most common, happens with me all the time.


3. You plan to sleep early and you are wide awake at the mid night.


4. Getting a free sample is the best, Why buy? Everyone does this.


5. This has happened with everyone, you must admit. Do mention your friends in the comments.


6. It looks so embarrassing when you come out of a store without buying even a single thing, you just pretend like everything is fine.


7. Squeezing it all the time because you had pending work to do or something.


8. May i go for a shower & then you probably forgot because you were on the phone.


9. Missing your most loved line from a song and restarting it.


10. Everyone has faked a laugh due to this reason, Mention it in the comments below.


11. Texting Haha, LOL while you’re serious and aren’t even smiling, Laughing is far away.


12. That speed because everyone is asleep. Can’t afford to get scolded.


13. Canceling the order at last moment because 150 is too much


So, Which one of these things you admit that you’ve done? Do not forget to share with your friends and let us know your views about the article, please write in the comments section below.

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