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16 Truths & Facts About Irrfan Khan That Prove He Is The Real King Of All Khans

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16 Truths & Facts About Irrfan Khan That Prove He Is The Real King Of All Khans

Irrfan Khan is one of those actors who has risen like a shooting star by doing offbeat roles in movies for which he has been praised by viewers all over the world. As he paves his way into Hollywood, all the glitz and glamour havent pulled him down in any way. These 16 points are some truths and facts about Irrfan Khan which makes us want more of him.

1. Irrfan didn’t have any godfather in Bollywood. He has fought his way to make it large.

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The start of his journey to live larger than life was nothing but full of hurdles.

2. Irrfan actually wanted to make a career in cricket.

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He was not very fond of studying in his school days but he was a big fan of cricket and used to practice at Chaugan stadium of Jaipur but in disapproval of his family towards making a career in cricket, he started to pay attention at his studies and completed his MA. His family had opposed his interest in acting too but somehow he managed to convince them. Now they must be really glad they approved!

3. He started his acting career with the TV shows like ‘Bharat ek khoj’ and ‘Chandrakanta’ but his first step in Hindi film industry was with the movie “Salam Bombay”.

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We never knew back then that we have been gifted ‘the now’ Irrfan Khan!

4. He was supposed to 8 more movies which were terminated.

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Irrfan Khan’s life was also filled with struggle. With that many movies getting shelved, he still didnt lose hope and paved his way to greatness!

5. Many dont know but he had starred in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s shelved 2004 film “The Killing of a Porn Filmaker” co starring Konkana Sen Sharma.

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In the film Irrfan plays a porn film maker who finds out he was Adolf Hitler in his last life time. We would have loved to see this unconventional movie!

6. Maqbool, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, was the movie which really changed the directions of his career and established him as a very talented actor.

irfan and tabu
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The way he had played his character, so strongly and effectively, had changed his career graph for forever!

7. Irrfan Khan has won 23 awards till now

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Much deserved!

8. Irrfan refused Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ for Sujit Sircar’s ‘Piku’.

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Now this is what commitment actually means!

9. He is the first Bollywood actor to star in two films that have won the Academy Awards

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The Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionare… Irrfan Khan will surely add more to his kitty!

10. He married Sutapa Sikdar who is a dialogue writer in films.

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She has written for his films and tv shows too and she said in an interview, context being a tv show,”Once he dragged me to a police station in Mumbai to understand procedure”. This shows what levels he is ready to go to just to understand his character.

11. Irrfan does not have stereotypical thinking about marriage. Here are some of the things he said which were bold but highly commendable:

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“If you ask me, I would respect a marriage where the man and woman have the freedom to sleep with anyone. There is no bondage.”
“I think a sanctified marriage is when you have an option to sleep with 10 people, but you are still choosing that one person to live with.” Roger that!

12. His eyes play a major role in his acting.

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He sometimes expresses his character with only his eyes, without saying a single word, though he says that he doesn’t put any extra effort in it.

13. He got rejected for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ as he didn’t know he had to audition for the role.

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Due to some miscommunication, Irrfan didnt get the part in the much renowned movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook’.

14. Irrfan has starred in the HBO series “In Treatment” and rumour has it he might also star in the upcoming season of “True Detective”

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If the rumours are true, his character will be a treat to our eyes!

15. Irrfan Khan is all set to play the role of The Provost in ‘Inferno’, based on Dan Brown’s famous novel ‘Inferno’.

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And I am sure he will look no less than Tom Hanks in the film.

16. He plays his characters with the thinking “What’s the point of acting if all it does is make you famous?”

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He said these words of wisdom which makes us all want to see many more actors with his ideology. Irrfan Khan has made us proud and will surely continue to do so!

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