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30 Exotic And Unbelievable Places That You Must Visit Before You Die


30 Exotic And Unbelievable Places That You Must Visit Before You Die

The world is a very mysterious place and if anyone claims that he has seen everything, he might be lying. Yes, the world is too big for just one lifetime but still, there are some places which are so heavenly and unbelievable that if you visit these places before you die, you will not regret not seeing the whole world.

There are only seven wonders in the world but these places are not less than any wonder and the best part is these are not man-made. These places will make you wonder the miracle of nature and you must visit these at least once in your life if you want to witness heaven on earth.

Some of these might seem like a fairy tale set up but trust they are real.


Antelope Canyon, USA


Bamboo Forest, Japan


Black Forest, Germany


Canola Flower Fields, China


Cave in Algarve, Portugal


Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia


Emerald Ice on Lake Baikal located in the south of the Russian region of Siberia


Fly Geyser in Nevada, USA


Glowworms Cave on the North Island of New Zealand


Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming, USA


Son Doong Cave in Vietnam


Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Ice Cave in Oregon, USA


Ice Cave near the Mutnovsky Volcano in Russia


Lake Hillier located off the south coast of Western Australia


Lake Retba (commonly known as Lac Rose) located in the Cap-Vert peninsula of Senegal


Mendenhall Ice Caves of Juneau in Alaska


Mount Roraima in Venezuela


Naica Mine of Mexico


Painted Dunes, Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, USA


Pamukkale in Denizli Province, Southwestern Turkey


Salar de Uyuni- World’s Largest Mirror in Bolivia


Shibazakura Flowers, Takinoue Park, Japan


Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada


Street in Bonn, Germany


Tianzi Mountains, China


Tulip Fields in the Netherlands


Tunnel of Love, Ukraine


Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan


Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

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