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6 Important Lessons That You Could Learn From Your Kaamwali Bai


6 Important Lessons That You Could Learn From Your Kaamwali Bai

Now more often than not, you tend to underestimate your kaam wali bai. There’s no point denying it, because we are all guilty of it. But have you really thought about what would happen to your home if she were to leave?

The very thought sends shivers down your spine, doesn’t it? In reality, your kaamwali bai is indispensable. Actually, she could teach you a thing or two about management, which not even the best MBA schools in the country will help you with.

She knows the tricks of the trade, guys! Here are 6 things you could learn from her:

1. Jugaad is every kaamwali bai’s niche. They are resourceful, and will make do with even negligible resources. If she can manage a household with limited resources and fixed budgets, you could learn how to extract the best possible outcomes using what you have in hand.

2. Negotiation is something every kaamwali bai swears by. Think about the time you hired her. She set her terms and her rate, and that was that. She wouldn’t hear no, and that is exactly how you should be.

3. Staying in everyone’s good books is a talent that every kaamwali bai possesses. Somehow, she always knows the right thing to say to you and every member of the household. This is something you could put to use at your place of work.

4. It’s never wise to take on the entire load yourself. Instead, you could involve your employees by playing dumb. This is so sly, that you’re almost bound to ignore it.

5. If there is one thing every kaamwali bai does seamlessly is make her position in the household an irreplaceable one. Thus, your threats to fire her won’t really work.

6. You could pick up a thing or two about how to get your leaves approved, without bargaining, haggling and a whole lot of pleading. Have you ever noticed how she never really asks for your approval, instead simply states it in a matter-of-fact fashion?

These are 6 lessons from your kaamwali bai, which could really prove to be beneficial at your organization. Give it a try, and let us know how it works out.

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