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A Day With Your Crush: When You Finally Get The Courage To Ask Her Out


A Day With Your Crush: When You Finally Get The Courage To Ask Her Out

Do you have a crush? Do you like spending your time staring at her? Does your world stop when she is around? Do you behave like a total idiot in front of her? DO you want to talk to her but you lost your voice whenever you try to do so? Do you want to ask her out but you couldn’t gather enough courage? If your answer to all these questions is “Yes” then this video is for you.

RVCJ and WOW have brought to you a video of an office introvert and his crush who is also his senior.

Jatin is the new employee of the company who has a crush on his senior, Ayesha. But he could never gather enough courage to even talk to her. He stares at her from far but never gets any closer. But what would happen if the two had to spend the whole day in the office alone?

Due to some unexpected turn of events, they stuck in the office with only each other. But will Jatin talk to her? Will he ever have the courage to ask her out? And even if he does what will be Ayesha’s answer? To know the answers, watch this sweet video.

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