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Bandgi Talks About Her Future Plans With Puneesh. Reveals What Her Parents Felt About Him

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Bandgi Talks About Her Future Plans With Puneesh. Reveals What Her Parents Felt About Him

Puneesh Sharma & Bandgi Kalra together have made a lot of news in this season of Bigg Boss. A lot has been said about them and both have been in great controversies.

But no matter how much negativity Puneesh & Bandgi have attracted, they have sailed through it and have come out strong. Recently Bandgi celebrated Puneesh’s birthday as she entered the house as Padhosi, so one thing is pretty sure that they are serious about each other.

When Bandgi came out of the house, she had an interaction with India Today. Talking about her meeting with Puneesh she said-

“I was so happy and excited to meet him that I forgot to wish him happy birthday. On his birthday, I waited to meet him for the entire day, but they didn’t allow me. Next day, when we actually met, I forgot to wish him. Every single mom wished him, and I forgot.”

She was also asked about her future plans with Puneesh and how do her parents think about him. Talking about it she said-

“About future plans, we will talk about in future only. Right now, we will focus on career. They (parents) were asking me what kind of a person he is. Some things they like about him, some things they didn’t. The way I know him they don’t. They watch him only for 40 minutes. Let him come out and then they will see for themselves.”

When asked if her parents had any problem regarding the way they were shown on TV, she said-

“Dad is a dad, thodi problem sabko hoti hai. Aisa kuch nahi hai jaisa portray hua tha (A father is a father, so he will have some problems. It was nothing like how it was portrayed on TV). I have met Puneesh’s mom and she’s a sweet heart.”

Well, it seems there’s a lot of great things packed in the future for this couple. We hope to see them together in the future.

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