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Fan Jumped From 13 Ft & Tweeted Video To Tiger Shroff To Impress Him. Tiger Slammed Him

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Fan Jumped From 13 Ft & Tweeted Video To Tiger Shroff To Impress Him. Tiger Slammed Him

The action stunts shown in the movies or TV shows are performed under the guidance of experts and safety concerns are taken proper care of. A statutory warning is also flashed at the beginning of the action scene which appeals to the audience for not re-enacting the scenes in real life as it can be dangerous. If any stunt is performed in a reality show, the anchor of the show repeats this warning quite a good number of times.

However, there are still some people who risk their lives by performing dangerous stunts and that too, without any safety procedures in place.

A fan of actor Tiger Shroff sent him a video in which he can be seen jumping from a height of 13 feet. He states that he has got rid of his fear and next time, he will jump from more height.

The fan whose Twitter handle is Aman_tigerian tweeted the video with caption,

“Yes I defeated My Fear of Jumping From Height

Everything is easy to see by standing down, but when we go above and try to Jump  believe It is too much Dread

By convincing my mind that I am a superhero


Thnx for always inspiring me @iTIGERSHROFF


Click here to watch this video directly on YouTube

The fan was expecting praises and appreciation from the “Heropanti” actor but instead, he got some really good piece of advice and Tiger made it clear that he is highly disappointed.

Reacting to the fan’s video, Tiger wrote,

“Sorry…but that’s so stupid of u to try something like that, never risk ur life. When action heroes performs something alike on screens, they do it with safety and under the supervision of professionals. Never ever try doing all this on ur own.


It seems that the fan realised his mistake after he got to see Tiger’s reaction and he apologised:

“But I promise that I will never repeat this mistake again

I never dreamed that someday I would disappointed u @iTIGERSHROFF  ..really I feel so bad from the depth of my heart . Next time I will keep safety first on my mind


Once again, he asked for apology and tweeted,

“My apologies @iTIGERSHROFF. I just tried to Overcome from my fear of heights as I always did But this time I got injured and also realized that this is wrong way to do that stunts. I know you are explaining me because you love and care for us all. I feel so guilty for this mistake.”

We also request everyone not to re-enact action scenes in real life as it can have severe consequences.

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