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This is Why Flight Attendants Keep Their Arms Behind Their Backs When Greeting Passengers


This is Why Flight Attendants Keep Their Arms Behind Their Backs When Greeting Passengers

We all are easily impressed by the beautiful faces and the lovely greetings of the flight attendants. Their job is not easy as it looks, it’s a very stressful job, they are the responsible for servicing the needs of the passengers, to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers, they are responsible for providing us with a comfortable and pleasant flight experience. They are beautiful, friendly, generous, helpful and are always there whenever you need them. We are very observant of them, we notice their uniform, their gestures, their accent, their attractive faces, their in-flight announcements almost everything about them. Flight attendants are a crucial component for a enjoyable and comfortable in-flight experience.

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If you travel often by air or if you’re one of those observant people who likes paying attention to the details, then you may have noticed that the flight attendants and the cabin crew always keep their arms folded behind their backs when greeting passengers? Even when the flight attendants are walking to the aircraft cabin, their arms are folded behind their back? In doing so, they don’t even check whether that seat belts of the passengers are fastened or not.



But what is reason behind Why Flight Attendants Keep Their Arms Behind Their Backs When Greeting Passengers?

Now you may have seen the flight attendant keeping their arms behind their backs, but what’s the catch? You surely have to grab your seat, take care of your boarding pass, the luggage and stuff, it’s the least of your concerns why a flight attendant does that. Plus you need to focus only on the beautiful face which greets you while you board the flight.



The flight attendant is responsible for counting every passenger who steps its foot in the airplane. To keep a track of the passengers, they have to count the number of passengers who are boarding the airplane. This normally happens once you are seated in your allocated seats.



To count the no of the passengers onboard before the take-off, the cabin uses a special counter for this purpose. The flight attendants and the cabin crew keep their arms behind their backs when using the counter to do the counting in order to not attract too much attention to themselves. So that people don’t start looking at them, get anxious, and confuse it with a trigger of the bomb.

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