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“Ghor Kalyug,” People React After Man Tweets About Vada Pav Being Sold For Rs 250 In Plane


“Ghor Kalyug,” People React After Man Tweets About Vada Pav Being Sold For Rs 250 In Plane

Flights are certainly the best medium of transportation if saving time is your first priority but then you should also be ready to bear a dent in your pocket because not only the tickets of the flights are highly expensive but the food served there is also quite costly.

Vada pav is an integral part of the lives of Maharashtrians because it is one of those few food items which are delicious, easily available in the market and very cheap as well. As per some Twitter users, they buy vada pav for a price of Rs. 10, 15 or 25 but you will be shocked to know the price of vada pav which is being served in the flights.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a photo of a food menu of an Indigo flight in which vada pav was priced for whopping Rs. 250. The online user asked everyone to throw him from the plane if he is seen having this costly vada pav in the flight.

The tweet read, “Mujhe kabhi ye flight mein khaate dekhlo to plane se hi neeche fek dena”

Here is the tweet:

Soon the micro-blogging site was flooded with reactions and people also started sharing their own experiences as to how they have also spent big amount on dishes like poha, noodles, etc in the flight which they could have purchased for 10 times lesser price on the ground. Few people also had problem with the symmetrical shape of the vada and pav in the image printed on the food menu.

Here are some selected reactions:












Many people take flights in emergency situation only and prefer trains usually because trains not only provide scenic views but also give an option of trying snacks at the different stations on which it stops and snacks are quite cheap as well in comparison to flights.

What was the costly food item purchased by you in a flight? Do share with us.

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