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Girls Secret Revealed – 11 Things That Girls Do On Internet


Girls Secret Revealed – 11 Things That Girls Do On Internet

Internet, the whole world of information is just a click away. From technology to fashion, from music to robotics, practically everything under the sun. We all know what guys like to do on Internet. But, this is time to reveal how girls put their internet to use, where do they like to spend their internet bytes.

1. Shopping: If not the stores, they hit numerous site to make sure they look the best at on their next date.

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2. Word Meanings: To match with the vocabulary of their bfs, girls find internet to be their best friend who help them enhance it and sound classy.

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3. Facebook: Post Selfies, Stalk Acquaintances, Browse Pics of relatives/friends/people she never met.

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4. DIY Health Tips: Search for best easy or home base do-it-yourself tips to keep their body, mind and soul healthy.

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5. Fashion: Girls are incomplete without it. If they follow their own style or follow their fashion icon, they do hit the internet to know more about it.

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6. Online Dating: It’s the boys who are infamous for being involved in online dating, but my question is “Whom they date?”. Yes, Girls out there. Girls like to make new friends online and flirt around.

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7. Search Recipes: The list is incomplete without cooking as a hobby. They like to experiment new things for their family and friends.

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8. Find lyrics to the latest songs

teenage girl looking at Google website on laptop computer. Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.
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9. Watch Movies and their favorite series. If they miss the telecast on the television, girls hit the internet instead of waiting for it to repeat.

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10. Try to get help on the technical things.

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11. Most Importantly: WhatsApp: They will be part of numerous number of groups like shopping, packaging, health tips to beauty tips and family, friends and colleagues. This is how they keep their friends close and enemies closer. 😛

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Secretly surf those explicit site! Ssshhhhhhh….

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