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Here’s How Flipkart Got Its First Customer Right After Its Startup


Here’s How Flipkart Got Its First Customer Right After Its Startup

This is the story of the online shopping website Flipkart’s first customer. It was late October 2007 when a man from Mahabubnagar V V K Chandra ordered a book from the peculiar-looking website. Chandra was a freelance web consultant and loved to read. That’s when he got a craving for John Wood’s memoir Leaving Microsoft to Change The World.

He tried to find it from the offline stores in Hyderabad but it was not available anywhere. He had the habit of blogging about technology and the internet. Under one of his post, a user replied with the link of the website-

The reply caught is attention instantly and he clicked on it. There Chandra found out that the website sells books and port them all over the country. It was first of its kind site and Chandra hadn’t seen anything like this before.

So Chandra decided to give it a try. And seeing the book he needed in stock he ordered it paying ₹500. It was not a big deal for him and he was ready is this money is lost, but he had faith.

He had to wait for a long time as the book was actually not available with the totally unrelated co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal also. They went to a great length to get this book and finally found it somewhere in Bangalore. They even mailed Chandra about it.

When Binny went to get the book from the store Bangalore was flooding with torrential rains. Waterlogging and traffic are some common problems during rain so Binny fought all of it and when he reached to the store he realized that he has left the wallet at his apartment. He went back, borrowed money from his roommate and went to the bookstore again.

On October 31, 2007, Bansals deported the book to Chandra which reached him after the Kannada Rajyothsava, two days later.

And that’s how Chandra became the first-ever customer of Flipkart and history was created.

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