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Is Roshmi In Love In The House With This Contestant? This Uncut Clip Says So

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Is Roshmi In Love In The House With This Contestant? This Uncut Clip Says So

Our Voot app’s morning Undekha Uncut has led us to doubt that Roshmi might have a fling for this certain gharwaala. Can you guess who he could be? Well, that’s the whole mystery, right?

The scene begins with other gharwale pointing out that Roshmi also does her workout with this certain person and by this statement, Roshmi was observed to be blushing while cooking her breakfast in the kitchen.

And meanwhile, SHIVASHISH was seen returning from the gym area and seeing him, everyone started giving smirks to each other. As everyone points Shivashish, Roshmi looked up and tried to be really cool about it by saying, What’s up bro?” So, on this statement, Jasleen trying to tease Roshmi said, “Oh, she is calling him bro!” Can you imagine Shivashish’s reply to that?


Shivashish points on Neha and said, “bro bond is only for this side.”

Click here to watch this video directly on VOOT.

We saw what you did there, Shiv!

So, our dear readers, are you also thinking what we are thinking? What about Kriti who has been seen having her moments with Shivashish from the very beginning. Is she going to be jealous about it or take it in a cool way?

Is it going to affect the bond of Roshmi and Kriti as team partners?

Well, both being the strong contestants, it would be interesting to see where this whole story takes a turn?

Watch the rest of this Undekha Uncut on Voot to catch the rest of the chit-chat gharwaale made on Romance!

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