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John Cena Has Become A Fan Of Shah Rukh Khan And We Have A Proof

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John Cena Has Become A Fan Of Shah Rukh Khan And We Have A Proof

SRK as we know is a brand in himself. His name, fame and work has made Bollywood a known film industry in many foreign countries. If he has millions of die-hard fans in India, then he has many crazy fans in overseas too.

And his lovers are not limited to common people but some really big and popular personalities also find inspiration in him.

Famous wrestler John Cena is the latest one who has got really inspired from Shah Rukh Khan and he is really public about it.

We all saw how John Cena shared SRK’s TED Talks video on Twitter last month and even praised the content. He wrote-

This was randomly put up in a small article by @theCHIVE very glad i stumbled across it @TEDTalks

SRK gave a sweet reply to the beautiful gesture of John Cena. He tweeted back-

thx for taking out time to ‘See’ it. Wish I can ‘See u’ someday. Love & health to u my man.

He did it again.

John Cena took to Twitter to share a beautiful quote which was embedded on a picture of King Khan himself. The quote was-

“Learn to laugh at yourself, at every chance you get. If you manage to learn to not take yourself too seriously, no matter how big shot you become, you’ll instantly disarm life’s power to beat you down.”

Have a look –

A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

You can also check the picture below.

Now the thing is his fondness for SRK seems to be unstoppable and undying. Recently, John Cena posted couple of more pics of Shah Rukh Khan with motivational quotes on them.

Have a look-


A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on


A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

In case the images don’t load, you can check them below-



This is how people reacted-









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