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This Man’s Amazing Transformation From 136 Kgs To 64 Kgs Will Leave You Speechless


This Man’s Amazing Transformation From 136 Kgs To 64 Kgs Will Leave You Speechless

There are many health clinics which are promoting their weight-loss techniques and charging hefty amount as fees but if you are determined to lose weight and to follow a proper lifestyle, then you can lose weight on your own and we really feel that it is the healthiest way to achieve your goal.

Nainesh Chainani belongs to a typical Sindhi family and like every other Sindhi family, his diet also consisted of oily food, ghee and cheese with many sugary dishes. Additionally, his inactive lifestyle added more weight to his body. He lost weight quite a couple of times but then again gained it; however, a historic incident took place in his life which was an eye-opener for Nainesh and since then, he has never looked back.

Due to his weight, his parents didn’t allow him to attend his cousin’s wedding as they were not comfortable of people making fun of their son for being over-weight. This gave him the shock of his lifetime and he felt that something must be done.

In 2014, Nainesh was 136 kilos and now he is just 64.5 kilos, losing 71.5 kilos since then.

How did he make it possible? He started with 40 minutes of walk for 5 days in a week and then he increased the time duration till he ran a 21-km half marathon.

What an amazing transformation!

He says that if you want to lose weight, you should be well-equipped to keep a track of your regime and for that, you need an accurate weighing scale, maintain a book of goals and statistics and keep track of your activities in Activity Tracker. He never uses his phone at gym and doesn’t even socialise there because he is fully focused on working out. He also advises to click photos of yourself every now and then, so you can yourself see the progress made by you.

He is also very strict about his diet and proper sleep but he also makes sure that the body is shocked sometime so he eats whatever he wants on Sunday. This way, he keeps a check on his diet as well as satisfies his taste buds.

This is what he has advised to those who want to lose weight,

“Stay consistent with your efforts, results will show up sooner or later, just keep pushing. Never quit before trying and trying means giving in everything you’ve got.”

Nainesh’s epic weight-loss journey must have inspired you to no end and if this didn’t motivate you, nothing can!


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