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Nervous Flyers Are Gonna Thank Us For Debunking These 7 Airplane Myths


Nervous Flyers Are Gonna Thank Us For Debunking These 7 Airplane Myths

Airplane travel is indeed the most scariest journey for most of the people, but thanks to the misconceptions that have made a shelter in their minds. Nowadays, it’s extremely safe to travel by an airplane; moreover, you need not have any jittery feelings whatsoever. Most of the misconceptions that you must have heard are actually false.

We are here to debunk some most common myths; here you go..

#Myth 1 – What if cabin door or emergency exit opens during travel?

This is the most common notion people have; however, it’s impossible for the door to be opened during flight. The pressure is too much and it needs superhero strength or hydraulic jack to do so.

#Myth 2 – Switching on your mobile might lead to a plane crash

Seriously? In what era are we living? This is seriously a myth that we need to get rid of. Since the frequency of cell phones is totally different and since they jump on multiple networks at such a high altitude, it’s suggested to keep the phones off.

#Myth 3 – Turbulence equals to crash?

Once again, we are wrong here. If you are a very nervous flyer, you might get scared of a slight turbulence too. However, this is just an uncomfortable situation which is temporary; don’t worry about the plane being crashed!

#Myth 4 – People can get trapped in the toilet

This is again a shitty misconception which most of the people follow. Unless and until, your b*ms don’t form that seal and create vacuum, nothing of such sort is going to happen. Chillax guys!

#Myth 5 – Lightning can affect the plane

You might not even notice when lightning has struck the plane. Electricity is dissipated by the plane’s tail and wings and so, don’t worry about crash at all.

#Myth 6 – Small planes are not safe at all

Who said this? Well, it doesn’t depend on the size of the plane but depends on the person who’s flying it. If the pilot is trustworthy, the plane won’t crash, regardless of it being small or big.

#Myth 7 – There is no oxygen in oxygen masks

People are of the opinion that oxygen masks don’t have oxygen; however, the fact is that these masks have some combination of chemicals which can make the passengers feel better.

Have you too heard such stories? Do feel free to share the common misconceptions you have come across.

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