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OMG ! ! India’s Leading Ghost Hunter Gaurav Tiwari’s Death Mystery Solved – SHOCKING


OMG ! ! India’s Leading Ghost Hunter Gaurav Tiwari’s Death Mystery Solved – SHOCKING

In our previous article, we gave you the news of mysterious death of India’s leading and most famous ghost hunter Garuav Tiwari. This news was not only shocking for his family but also for the whole world. A paranormal research expert’s death in mysterious circumstance is not a normal sight to address.


Gaurav Tiwari, 32 years old was the C.E.O of Indian Paranormal Society, who was found dead in his home, DWARKA, NEW DELHI under mysterious circumstances on Thursday.

He was married in the month of January and according to his family members, Gaurav was a very normal guy in person. However things started to turn a bit ugly since the past month when he confessed to his wife about some negative force which was trying to pull him towards itself. He also admitted that he was not able to control it and was finding it difficult to cope up with its power.

Do ghosts exist Gaurav Tiwari TEDxFORESchool YouTube

Many experts claim that Gaurav’s recent encounters with super natural powers didn’t go so well and he felt ‘WEAK’ from inside.

His body was found dead in his bathroom with a thin black line across his neck. His family members tried to save him by rushing to hospital in no time but unfortunately it was too late. Doctors declared him dead by the time his body reached hospital.

Was it really a supernatural power who did this ?

Although based on the preliminary autopsy report, police said that his death did not involve any foul play and he did commit suicide by hanging himself using a piece of cloth, but it is yet to ascertain the reason behind Guarv Tiwari taking the extreme step.


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However no case has been registered in connection with this incident even though a legal proceeding under section 174 of CRPC is underway.

Now there are a few interesting points to note down ! !

  • Argument With Father – An investigating officer revealed that hours before his death, Gaurav Tiwari had an argument with his father over his erratic schedule and odd working hours where he was compelled to leave his house without informing anyone in the family and staying out till late at the night for on-field investigations. His father also added, ‘My son was probing a case where a girl in west Delhi’s Janakpuri was apparently possessed. He had gone to meet the girl the night before his death.’

Was it the stress that was troubling Gaurav Tiwari and his recent argument with his family members for staying out long at night.

  • Marital Discord Possible Reason – Police believe that there was some friction between Gaurav Tiwari and his wife and the family was trying to conceal it. A leading Newspaper reported about how the couple fought after Tiwari’s return from a paranormal investigation late in the night, hours before his death.


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Was it the depression that hit him hard because of his apparent arguments with his wife, thus leading to the worst possible solution in the world, SUICIDE ?

  • Something Is Still Fishy ! ! – Gaurav showed no signs of such acute distress in the hours before his death and was “checking mails”, a few minutes before he died. He even posted about being featured on this month’s cover of Youth Incorporated magazine a day before his death.12-07-2016-04-51-30

If you have any extra information regarding this news, please feel free to share it with our readers in the comment section below ! !

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