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Pune Is The Second Best City To Live In India, See Which City Tops The List


Pune Is The Second Best City To Live In India, See Which City Tops The List

Whenever a person has to shift from one city to another, he certainly evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of moving to a particular city as some cities provide with a better environment in comparison to other cities. Recently, the Housing and Urban Affair ministry released the list of cities in which are better than other cities. There were two categories, the first was the million plus population category and the second one was less than million population category.

As per the “Ease of Living Index”, Bengaluru has emerged as the best city to live in under the million plus population category.

The second spot was secured by Pune while Ahmedabad got the third position and the cities which came after them are Chennai, Surat, Navi Mumbai, Coimbatore, Vadodara, Indore and Greater Mumbai while the capital of the country New Delhi is at the 13th spot and Srinagar got the lowest rank.

Here is the list of top 10 in the million plus population category:

1. Bengaluru

2. Pune

3. Ahmedabad

4. Chennai

5. Surat

6. Navi Mumbai

7. Coimbatore

8. Vadodara

9. Indore

10. Greater Mumbai

If we talk about the less than million population category, Shimla was the best city to live in with Bhubaneshwar and Silvassa at the second and third spot, respectively followed by Kakinada, Salem, Vellore, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Davangere and Tiruchirapalli. In case of less than million population category, Muzaffarpur ranks the lowest.

Check out the list of top 10 in less than million population category:

1. Shimla

2. Bhubaneswar

3. Silvassa

4. Kakinada

5. Salem

6. Vellore

7. Gandhinagar

8. Gurugram

9. Davanagere

10. Tiruchirappalli

A total of 111 cities of the country were evaluated on the basis of various parameters such as transportation, affordable housing, power, water supply, governance, education, economy, identity & culture, safety, land use planning, quality of environment, waste water and solid waste management, etc.

Click here to see the complete list

So now you know which cities you should consider if you want to move out of your current city and settle in several other place.

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