Radhe Maa’s Cheap Dance Moves With A Man Is All Her Devotees Need To See

Radhe Maa has been making headlines for a couple of years for all the wrong reasons. There is no denying the fact that she has countless devotees including several celebrities but at the same time, few people even filed a complaint against the self-proclaimed Godwoman and the latest one was for sitting on the chair of SHO.

Well, she is once again in news and the reason is very contradictory to her so-called pure and pious character.

Yes, that’s right! A video featuring Radhe Maa is going viral on the Internet and social media.

In the video, the Godwoman can be seen dancing and that’s not really the issue. What raises eyebrows are her vulgar steps and her pose. In fact, a man grabs her and lifts her in the air and the obscenity crossed all the limits when Radhe Maa moved her body in an indecent manner after this.

Watch The Video:

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Well, I’m sure that it would hurt the followers of Radhe Maa but the Godwoman herself doesn’t seem to care about her reputation otherwise she would not have danced like this. What do you have to say in this connection?

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