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Rajasthan Minister Faces Flak For Saying, “Roads Should Be Made Like Katrina Kaif’s Cheeks”


Rajasthan Minister Faces Flak For Saying, “Roads Should Be Made Like Katrina Kaif’s Cheeks”

The Indian politicians are known for saying many things just for getting applauds and support and many times they speak things which are not only illogical but also disgusting and disrespecting towards women.

If you remember in the year 2005, the Bihar politician Lalu Prasad Yadav stated that Bihar roads would be as smooth as the cheeks of Dream Girl of Bollywood, Hema Malini. Though he got slammed a lot, other politicians didn’t seem to have learnt anything from this episode and in 2013, former Chhattisgarh PWD minister Brijmohan Agarwal made a statement in which he said that the roads of the state shine in the same manner as Hema Malini and his supporters also gave full page ads in local magazines and news daily which read, “Swapn sundari samaan pradesh ki chamchamati sadken” (Beautiful roads of the state shine like Dream Girl).

If this was not enough, in 2019 politician PC Sharma who was a minister in the Madhya Pradesh government of that time which was led by Congress politician Kamal Nath talked about the poor condition of the roads of Bhopal and promised people over there that in 15-20 days, these roads would be repaired and they would be pretty as cheeks of Hema Malini.

The history has been repeated but with a little twist as recently, a Rajasthan minister Rajendra Singh Gudha who shifted to Congress from BSP some time ago made a controversial statement and this time the choice of actress has changed.

Rajendra Singh Gudha was addressing a public gathering in the Jhunjhunu district and when the issue of poor roads came up, he instructed the chief engineer of Public Works Department that the roads in his constituency should be as smooth as the cheeks of Hema Malini.

But then the minister realized that Hema Malini has become old now so he asked public which actress is more popular nowadays. The public responded with Katrina Kaif and then he said that the roads in his area should be made like the cheeks of Katrina Kaif.

Here is the video:

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Soon the video went viral for all the wrong reasons and Twitterati slammed the minister for his s*xist remark. Check out some of the reactions:
















Meanwhile, the chief minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot has also condemned his minister for his statement as Gehlot said, “Such comments aren’t appropriate. Regardless of who they’re, they should maintain dignity. If they cross their boundaries for politics, nobody will like it. I don’t know his statement’s context, I’ll find out. But going by what you said, everyone should maintain dignity”.

It’s high time that the Indian politicians should learn to remain in their limits. What are your views in regard to the whole episode? Let us know.

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