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This Riddle Is Not So Easy, Can You Solve It ? ?


This Riddle Is Not So Easy, Can You Solve It ? ?

Well this is not a serious article, rather a more brainstorming article which is indeed required given the fact that some of us are leading quite a monotonous life, Well Not Everyone ! !

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Everyone likes riddles provided that they solve them first. Well in this case also we want you guys to try to find out the answer first ! !

So here is the riddle

  • You went out for an internship somewhere in the mountains (Weird). By the time you started working there, you got to know 3 people, the professor, her lady assistant and an old man.

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  • One fine day you clicked a button which had a danger sign on it.

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  • That button opened the chamber which was heavily crowded with zombies.

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  • The only way to escape is to cross the bridge and cut the ropes. You need to take all the people along with you to the other side of the bridge safe and alive ! !

Snapshot 18 (09-07-2016 16-15)

  • But there is a problem, everyone can’t cross the bridge with same speed. Everyone will take different time to cross.

Snapshot 2 (09-07-2016 16-12)

  • According to the professor’s calculation, zombies will reach upto them within 17 minutes.

Snapshot 3 (09-07-2016 16-12)

  • But there are certain difficulties to cross the bridge. Only 2 people can cross the bridge at once otherwise the bridge will break.

Snapshot 4 (09-07-2016 16-12)

  • Also since its night, so you need a lamp to walk through the dark bridge. You only have one lamp.

Snapshot 5 (09-07-2016 16-13)

So try to solve the riddle by making everyone cross the bridge safe ! !



Okay times up, times up ! !
Did you get it ? Well doesn’t matter. Here we go for the answer.

  • You and the lady assistant should take the lamp and travel across the bridge. That accounts for 2 Minutes, given the fact that you are going with a person who is taking complete 2 Minutes to cross the bridge. So there are just 15 minutes left ! !

Snapshot 8 (09-07-2016 16-13)

  • Take the lamp from the lady assistant and run back for the rest of the two people waiting on the other end. You will take only 1 minute as stated above, so only 14 minutes left.

Snapshot 9 (09-07-2016 16-14)

  • Give them the lamp and let the old man and professor walk across the bridge. It will take them 10 minutes according to the condition given above. Damn, just 4 minutes left ! !

Snapshot 10 (09-07-2016 16-14)

  • The lady assistant will take the lamp and will reach you withing 2 minutes. Tick tock, tick tock; only 2 minutes left ! !

Snapshot 15 (09-07-2016 16-15)

  • You need to take the lamp or well it doesn’t really matter, just run across the bridge. Within 2 minutes time, you will reach on the other end.

Snapshot 17 (09-07-2016 16-15)

What are you waiting for, cut the damn rope ! !

Snapshot 18 (09-07-2016 16-15)

And this is how you saved everyone. Pretty exciting RIGHT ? ?

Remember, you are something more than just a human tied up with burdens and stress. Take things easy and have patience ! !

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