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Saridon’s Demand Increased After Taher Shah’s New Video Out! Twitter Mocked Taher In An Epic Way


Saridon’s Demand Increased After Taher Shah’s New Video Out! Twitter Mocked Taher In An Epic Way

In 2013, a Pakistani broke the Internet and became a sensation after people watched his video which was named ‘Eye To Eye’; however, he got name and fame for all the wrong reasons! Yes, you read it right! His song was not at all liked by people; on the contrary, it was so bad that it gained immense popularity.

After that not only his countrymen but people from other countries were also talking about him and wondering how someone can sing like this, even our own Bajirao Ranveer Singh could not control himself and made a dubsmash of it.

The same Pakistani singer Taher Shah is back with his new track named “Angel” and once again, he is breaking the Internet and the reason is pretty same as it was for the first track.


Moreover, this time, actress Twinkle Khanna, Akshay Kumar’s wife is not able to resist her urge of tweeting more and more about this song.

Twitter Is Flooded With Super Hilarious Reactions Over Taher’s “Angel” & You Just Can’t Miss To Check Even A Single Tweet:

Agle Janam Mohe Devil Hi Kijo 😛 😀

Everyone right now:

Pak has one weapon which is more dangerous than the nuclear bomb:

Raina punished by Kohli for showing him this video:


Condition of people before and after watching the video:

Finally revealed

Taher Shah be like:

Profile Picture Vs Reality:

After watching the new video of Taher Shah, people be like:

Here again:

This Singer is better than Taher Shah:

Angels have announced Dharna:

Reaction of Daya:

Please mark yourself safe on Facebook if you have watched Taher Shah’s video 😀 😛

Dear Pak, please stop Taher Shah at least:


Baba Ramdev after watching Taher Shah’s video

Even famous Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna can’t stop laughing and reacting over the song:

This one is epic:


If Pak has Taher, we have MSG


Don’t forget to share your views about this new video of Taher Shah in the comments section below.


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