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Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf & Prep Tables: Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Equipment


Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf & Prep Tables: Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Equipment

For compliance with sanitary norms and gaining such benefits as the ability to last, strength, and high impact resistance, most owners of food-service businesses prefer stainless steel equipment. Wall mount shelves, a stainless steel table with casters, compartment sinks, bakery cooling racks, a microwave shelf, etc., can stand up temperature fluctuations, humid environments, daily cleaning with chemicals. Steel equipment won’t rust, resisting corrosion, mildew, fungus, staining, and repelling water. It is impervious to moisture, bacteria growth, and dirt accumulation. Let’s consider two of the most popular types of restaurant equipment that you, probably, have missed and without which, you will no longer be able to perform kitchen daily routine.

Stainless steel microwave shelf for space optimization

The microwave oven has become an integral part of any commercial kitchen. However, placing it on the surfaces that it is better to apply as cooking, pounding, or chopping tops is an unwise decision, especially if space is tight, and you need to properly use every inch to boost personnel productivity. Thus, a stainless steel microwave shelf can deal with the problem of placement of household appliances. Handing to the wall, such a sturdy and durable metal shelf will hold your microwave at a comfortable height, meeting the ergonomic criteria. What are the main benefits:

  • maximizing storage capacity to competently arrange all equipment at the commercial kitchen;
  • easy to install structure won’t fall off, being securely attached to the wall;
  • stainless steel microwave shelf won’t lose its resistant properties;
  • it will fit any design, organizing the kitchen in a neat way;
  • a metal shelf won’t require any special care.

If your microwave is getting in the way of executing food prep tasks in a hassle-free manner, consider microwave shelves from AmGoodSupply at fair prices to deal with the lack of space.

Stainless steel prep table with wheels for better flexibility

Tired of lifting heavy tables when cleaning the kitchen area and, particularly, the floor? If you want to facilitate and simplify caring and maintenance for commercial space and its contents, then invest in a stainless steel table with casters. It will add mobility, as unmovable tables will prevent the staff from quick food prep processes and slow down the performance. Casters are useful for heavy use tables with extra storage (under-shelves, drawers, top-shelves, built-in pan racks) which is really difficult to lift.

3 things you should know about food-grade stainless steel

Stainless steel is prohibited to clean with a plain steel brush and abrasive cleansers. Generally, it is the most long-lived material compared to wood, plastic, galvanized steel, it retains its shape and won’t crack, stain, or rust, however, only with proper care and washing. Thus, to keep it tidy, apply only a soft cloth and a mild detergent to avoid scratching the surface of working tops, shelves, sinks, or racks. The right maintenance approach is essential, so be cautious about using the wrong cleaning products and tools to make sure that equipment will serve perfectly.

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