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This Boy’s 14 Girlfriends Turned Up At His House Together, What Happened Next Will Leave You Amazed


This Boy’s 14 Girlfriends Turned Up At His House Together, What Happened Next Will Leave You Amazed

Since living in the 21st century is a blessing, we have come in contact with many a things which are bizarre, weird and sometimes we don’t even know how to describe it even.

We hear incidents that are out of the box and we don’t know how to react exactly. Now a days relationships evolved and we are dealing every day with a new form of human bond.

As we are gradually moving in with life, we often hear the term double dating. Which defines or rather explains dating two persons at the same time. Yes, it is quite common though.

Now here is an incident where a boy name Rakib was found to be dating fourteen girls that too simultaneously.Yes, you read the number alright. We often tend to label these kind of boys as play boy, he is absolutely like one as well.

Rakib loved to date so many girls together and was fond of switching among them. He is just eighteen by the way.All the girls were unaware of the other girls, who existed in their boyfriend’s life as well.

Until this 14th of February, on Valentine’s Day, everything changed for him.One of his girlfriend, Jorina revealed that she was really shocked when she got to know that Rakib is cheating on her with over 13 other girlfriends.

She soon realized that no girls are aware of this situation though. Rakib saved their names as Baby girl 1,2,3…14. She saw this in his phone’s messenger.

She immediately informed all the other girls and they together planned a surprise for him on Valentine’s Day. They all went to see him, together at his house. Rakib was shocked.

He was so terrified realizing that his well kept secret is out that he went into coma.And now the girls are feeling very sad and wishes him a speedy recovery. They are even hoping to share Rakib as their boyfriend after he comes out of this state.

So, isn’t it a little startling that love is this blind?

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