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This Video Showing A Day In Middle Class Family Is Hilarious To The Core. You’ll Watch It Twice


This Video Showing A Day In Middle Class Family Is Hilarious To The Core. You’ll Watch It Twice

There are some pros and cons of being born and brought up in a middle class family in our country and if you too belong to one such family, you can utterly relate to this hilarious yet meaningful video entitled “A Day In A Middle Class Family”.

As the name suggests, the video depicts how middle class people live their lives and try to make the most of their resources while spending as less as possible money. For instance, switching on the air-conditioner only when it’s too necessary or a relative comes to the house, keeping remote’s battery in sunlight to use it again and so on.

The video also takes a jibe at PM Modi’s style of giving speech and his oratory skills when the father makes several promises to his children and asks to get them fulfilled if they score more than 90% marks.

Quite interestingly, it also portrays how women in middle class families brilliantly save money from daily expenses to be used in the time of need and give it to their family members rather than spending it on themselves. However at the same time, they also throw tantrums and make other members realize their importance by repeating that they only have to do all the household chores the whole day and no one is there to help them.

The last but not the least, this video teaches us how we should not waste our parents’ hard-earned money on useless things and instead should utilize it in the optimum manner so that it is used for bringing happiness and prosperity in our lives.

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