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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Doesn’t Use Laptop At All. Shares The Reason Himself

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Doesn't Use Laptop At All. Shares The Reason Himself RVCJ Media


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Doesn’t Use Laptop At All. Shares The Reason Himself

It takes a lot of dedication, planning, perfect strategies and out of the box habits to become a successful entrepreneur. Just study the daily life of any successful businessman or entrepreneur, you will find a lot of differences between them and yourself.

Now when we picturise a successful businessman in our mind especially a digital one, we imagine him/her sitting in front of the laptop or meeting clients. What if I tell you that the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is completely opposite and doesn’t use any laptop at all? Will you believe?

But if the same thing Dorsey tells the same thing himself, then you will have to believe.

During a press breakfast in Sydney, Australia on Friday, Jack Dorsey revealed this fact. When asked about his own online security practices, he told 9 News presenter Deb Knight-

“I don’t have a laptop, no, I do everything on my phone.”

He further added-

“It was important to me because I turn off my notifications, and for me it’s one application at a time. So I just have one app up, and I can really focus on what’s in front of me instead of everything coming at me as I would a laptop.”

And believe Jack when he attempts something. He perfectly uses his smartphone and to make the work-life balance and security. He said-

“I think anything can consume all of your time, but definitely the devices we have just have so much on them, so much interestingness, and you can certainly go down a hole. So I’ve developed a lot of personal practices: I don’t check my phone in the morning until I’m about to walk into work and when I’m working on my phone I turn off notifications so I’m not constantly reacting to what’s coming at me.”

He further adds-

“When we’re having meetings, phones down, laptops closed so we can actually focus and not just spend an hour together but make that time meaningful — and if that time is 15 minutes, then it’s 15 minutes, we move on with our lives. If we have our phones open, if we have our laptops open, and all these things are coming up, we just get distracted.”

Dorsey also talked about mindfulness and awareness while talking about the security. He said-

“In terms of privacy and security, I think the most important thing is that you’re mindful of it. That you’re aware of it, that you are aware of the tools at your disposal to understand what data a company or service has on you, that there are controls to turn that off. That you have two-factor authentication turned on all of your accounts, that you change your passwords on a regular basis — I know it’s a pain but it’s extremely important.”

Isn’t that really cool?

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