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US Man Who Called Indian Food Terrible 2 Years Ago Now Tasted Biryani & Became Its Fan


US Man Who Called Indian Food Terrible 2 Years Ago Now Tasted Biryani & Became Its Fan

The Indians are pretty crazy about those things which make them happy or rather we should call them some moments of happiness amidst the daily struggles of life and such things are cricket, movies and food. We Indians are known for having spicy food with rich gravies but there are many other countries where people find it difficult even to taste such spicy food.

In 2019, an American author Tom Nichols did something which made many Indians very angry. It so happened that while responding to a tweet which asked the online users to post their most controversial food takes, Tom Nichols wrote, “Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t”.

This caused a huge uproar on the social media as Indians who are quite touchy when it comes to their food were not able to ignore this insult and soon the American author understood that he made a big mistake as he was trolled mercilessly for his disrespecting tweet.

After some time, people forgot about it but by then Tom Nichols was suggested to have one more try at the Indian food by some of his friends. The former United States attorney Preet Bharara was also one of them and though Tom and Preet have never met each other in person, Tom accepted Preet’s invitation of having dinner together after the coronavirus pandemic got over.

Recently, Preet Bharara took Tom Nichols for dinner in a lovely restaurant Sona in the lower Manhattan. They ate many dishes such as mutton, fried ricotta, spicy shrimp, lamb chops, butter chicken, etc. but the dish which Tom Nichols liked the most was lamb biryani.

What was the best thing about this dinner was that they also decided to collect some fund through this dinner which would be used as relief fund for India as the country has been adversely affected by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. By the time Tom Nichols wrote his column in USA Today, nearly $90K was collected for COVID-19 relief fund for India.

Tom Nichols also accepted that though the Indian food is not at the top spot in his list as of now, his tweet about the Indian food in 2019 was a dumb one.

Tom Nichols made a series of tweets in which he declared lamb biryani as the clear winner and soon Twitterati also reacted on this matter.

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