Kejriwal Trolled Modi For Tweeting About His Mom! Got Badly Trolled In Return!

PM Modi has been very active on social media. He never leaves out a single chance to keep the followers updated with his latest happenings. Whenever the PM goes somewhere or does something, he always takes to his Twitter handle and posts every detail. As soon as he tweets, there are thousands of retweets and likes on it; obviously, his posts are damn interesting.

However, when Arvind Kejriwal reads his post, he starts his blame games. It seems as if a school kid isn’t happy with his teacher or principal, LOL. This time too, PM Modi tweeted something and Kejriwal was ready with his troll; but little did he know that it would backfire.

What happened was that Modi took to Twitter in the morning and posted that he will be skipping Yoga since he has to go and meet his mom. Here’s his tweet…

As usual, Kejriwal tweeted back in an attempt to insult him. He said that if he was going to meet his mom, there was no need of showing off on social media. A similar incident had happened during demonetization, when PM Modi’s mom was in the bank to exchange her notes. Even that time, Kejriwal had stated that the PM is using his mom for political gains. Once again he reminded everyone of that episode.

Here’s what Kejriwal tweeted today;

He also gave a lecture;

As soon as Kejriwal tweeted this, people were ready with their trolls and slams. Check them out…


Stop sharing old news!

What a comparison! ki khabren band kar!

Quality time with mummy!

Can’t agree more!

Topi pehnata hai!

Kejriwal is never going to stop blaming Modi; he just wants a chance to do so! By now, we all are used to this behavior of his, isn’t it? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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