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10 Animals That You Can Find In USA And No Where Else

10 Animals That You Can Find In USA And No Where Else RVCJ Media


10 Animals That You Can Find In USA And No Where Else

Animals in US are known to be most fascinating animals in the world. America is home to 432 species of mammals, more than 800 species of birds, over 100,000 species of insects, 311 species of reptiles, almost 300 species of amphibians and 1154 species of fish. Here we brought you few animals that you can find only in the country and nowhere else.

1.Chicken Turtle

Chicken turtle have long and striped neck that often spends time basking on logs and rocks. With a life expentancy of 15-20 years, they are often found in shallow pounds in south eastern US.

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2.Blue Crayfish

Blue Crayfish specifically lives in fresh water in Florida. They are scientifically known as Procambarus Alleni and are being widely sold in aquarium trade all over the world.


3. Short nose Gar

With 88 centimetres in length, short nose Gar is found in calm water of large rivers and lake. They have a large population as compared to others.


4. Yellow-billed magpie

Yellow-billed magpie is a large bird from crow family, commonly found in North America. Yellow Billed magpie is closely related to black billed magpie.


5. Utah prairie dog

Utah prairie dog are found only in the south central steppes of Utah, US. There are only 4,000 specimens of Utah prairie dog left in the country.


6. Hawaiian monk seal

The Hawaiian monk seal is the most endangered species of ear less seals. Currently,  there are only 1100 of Hawaiian monk seal left in the world.



7. Giant garter snake

Giant garter snake is a harmless aquatic snake found to the Central Valley wetlands of California. These snakes are active only when water temperatures are at 68° F .

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8. Hopi chipmunk

Hopi chipmunk is commonly found in Coloroda, Uttah and some more parts of America. Unlike some other chipmunk species, Hopi chipmunk are much more timid.


9. Island Fox

Island fox is also known as short-tailed fox which are native to six Channel Islands in California. There are six subspecies of island fox, and all of them prefer to live on the islands.


10. Florida panther

Florida panther are endangered subspecies of cougar that lives in forest and swamps of southern Florida. In 1982, the Florida panther was chosen as the Florida state animal. Till now only 160 specimens are found in the country.


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