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10 Of The Most Annoying Things Asked By Your Neighbors Everyday


10 Of The Most Annoying Things Asked By Your Neighbors Everyday

First of all, Welcome to India .
India has 29 states , 7 Union territories and 640 districts and boundary touching 7 countries and and the most important thing is that It has population is 1.28 billions but your neighbors are always there to plague us. They only interested in your lives , for them other issues doesn’t matters :P….We are endlessly worried about what will they say about you 😀

They are always interested in your lives and ask endless questions about your salary, your grades, your promotions etc. They can hunt you down and make your life hell.

I personally filtered some of the most annoying things asked by your sticky neighbors 😛 😛
have a look 😀

1. They are the ones who are more interested in your lives


2. They always interfere in your family issues


3. They always have a problem with your new job


4. They never forget to call on your result day


5. They are the ones who are most emolous of you and your luxuries.


6. They vex you asking again and again about your job


7. When you’re willing to buy a car or other things, they ruin your mood by asking unlimited questions about your budget


8. They keep chattering if you’re studying well


9. They try to get personal and ask you anything they want to even in front of your parents


10. They always investigate about your family issues. It is only a topic of gossips for them


Agree ??
Share your annoying things faced by you in the comment box below 😛
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