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10 Annoying Things Indian Girls Do

10 Annoying Things Indian Girls Do RVCJ Media


10 Annoying Things Indian Girls Do

1.Speaking English

No matter how bad their English is,they will always try to speak in English just to let everybody know that she can speak English.


 2.Their Look To Men

 You’re not looking at her at all.But all of a sudden you just turn your face casually to her side.Even if you had no intention to check her out,she will think that you were just checking her out and she will act like “Phcuk Off”.


3.”The World Famous Bargaining”

This thing is in their genes.They can’t buy a product without bargaining.No matter how less the product costs,she has to bargain.She’ll eventually engage herself into a conflict with the vendor if she is not satisfied with the price.


4.The “Awwwwww…”

There’s no particular timing or particular reason for their “awwww”.They just say it whenever she wants to say.They say “awww” when someone says some lovely words to her,they say “awww”  whenever she watches her favourite hero on screen etc etc etc.




Mark my words,during any sell she can’t live without spending at least few days going to mall and buying nothing or buying unimportant things at the end of the day.They go to shopping and buy things not because they need those things,they go to shopping just because it gives immense satisfaction to her soul.


6.All Guys Are Same

Okay,she has just broken-up with her boyfriend.The first thing she will do is writing a post on Facebook about how bad boys are,how cruel they are,how they don’t think of a girl’s emotion and when another boy comments “You choose the wrong one”, she will say “All boys are same”.I mean hello girls,you don’t live in China.If one guy broke your trust that just doesn’t mean “All guys are same”.



7.Compliments To Another Girl

When they see their friends at a party or a function,they will say “oh,you look sooo good”, “you’re looking fabulous in that dress”.Even if the other girl was really looking beautiful,as soon as they get away from each other,they will begin saying “omg..she was looking so bad in that dress”, “she copied my dressing-sense”.ku



They love “Gossiping”.They love to gossip about private life of other people like “Oh! I heard she is going for a date with him”, “Hey,you know she is gonna break-up”.Even though 60% – 70% of all this is false or just rumor,they love to gossip and spread rumors.Gossiping is like a rule of feminism.



9.The Honey Singh And Enrique Factor

No matter how bad the song is,she will just say “It’s so fabulous” while listening to a Honey Singh song.The same goes for English songs.Even though she can’t understand a single word from a Enrique song,she will play it in front of everyone just to be “o-so-cool-type”.



10.And Last But Not The Least….Dieting

They all want to be size zero,whether they say it or not.But once she sees a “Panipuri” stall then she becomes like “So what does dieting mean?” 😛



How many you can relate to yourself or your friends :P. Please comment and let us know. Tag your friends too 😀

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