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10 Annoying Things That Indian Students Studying Abroad Faces

10 Annoying Things That Indian Students Studying Abroad Faces RVCJ Media


10 Annoying Things That Indian Students Studying Abroad Faces

India is a land laden with prodigies and rich talent. Over the years, Indians have been able to leave a mark in a wide array of fields. Their intellect and hard work have earned them some of the most coveted positions in different parts of the globe. Many others, due to their savvy nature and smartness, have been able to secure seats in the finest of universities and institutes abroad. Although, a slew of Indians have started living outside the country, their stay abroad has often had a flip side. They, often, have to put up with a lot of questions which are quite annoying and can, at times, leave one in a state of anger. Let’s look at some of these.

1. Do you all watch English Movies?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That’s absolutely new to me. By the way, you mean British English or the slightly corrupt American version of it?


2. Is India a land of poor?

Of course it is if you believe the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ represents the whole of India.


3. Do you all believe in love marriages?

No, not at all. We do in hate marriages rather. It’s the kind where the couple has to hate each other to pieces before finally marrying.


4. How do you people live together with your parents all your life?

It’s very simple actually. You see we don’t believe in ‘Live in’; we believe in ‘Live together’ instead.


5. Why do you all spend so much after weddings?

A good one. It’s because we tend to marry only once and not over and over again. Got it chuck?


6. Are all Indians Hindu?

Are all your countrymen like you or you are the ‘enlightened one’? Whatever it is, you need help, desperately.


7. Do you know snake charming?

Hell yes. Bring a python to office tomorrow. I’ll charm it for you.


8. Can you do some black magic for me?

Yeah, I can but that would only change your color to ‘Black’. So, shall we start?


9. Is there no Electricity in India?

Wait a minute! First, would you care telling me the reason behind your ‘Eccentricity’?


10. Why do you all love spicy food?

That’s our secret recipe to spice up our lives. You know what I mean, don’t you?


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