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10 Annoying Things That North Indians Think About South Indians

10 Annoying Things That North Indians Think About South Indians RVCJ Media


10 Annoying Things That North Indians Think About South Indians

The southern part of India or South India, as it is majorly known by, has long been a region rich in culture and traditions. Flipping back the pages of history would only reaffirm the region’s forefront position in varied fields. The region’s contribution to the country has also been remarkable and as such, it is always looked up to by the rest of the countrymen. However, the people of this part or the South Indians, very often, get subjected to many unpleasant remarks or questions. While some of these questions are asked just to satiate one’s curiosity, the other remarks, characterized by acerbity, are made with the intention of mocking and poking fun at. Let’s get a load of some of these remarks/questions which, by the way, must be done away with.

1. Hey, you are not dark enough? Are you sure you don’t have any north connection

Hang on chuck! You sound crude enough. How can you even deny having barbaric connections?


2. You don’t understand Hindi, do you?

C’mon! How can we? After all, Hindi is the national language for all of India but South India. Didn’t you know even that bit? You must work on your G.K.


3. Is Idli-dosa the only food you people have?

You got it so damn right. That reminds me have you people ever heard of water, a binary compound? No, I mean you all must be having lassi all the time, right?


4. Why don’t you people like Bollywood?

Trust me, we try liking it but every other movie leaves me with a Déjà vu feeling. A feeling which is a result of rolling out remakes of age-old South Indian movies.


5. Who do all the males have potbellies?

That’s the plight mate. Actually, eating voraciously and sleeping excessively are the only two things we do. We don’t exercise. We don’t even work. In fact, I simply wonder how is South India fast progressing when none of us literally work. I guess that’s Divinity written all over it. What say?


6. How come your English is accent-free?

How come you are so brains-free? Please shed some light.


7. How can you all be so peace-loving?

That’s such a peaceful question. Actually, thank your stars that we are. Otherwise, you would not be here till now.


8. You must be hero-worshipping Rajnikant?

With the supernatural powers that he has, who wouldn’t? Don’t you know every first born male in a family in South India is named after Rajnikant? It’s a decree that has to be followed.


9. Do you know Tamil?

Yes, I do even though I’m a Malayali just like you who knows Nepali despite being a Punjabi.


10. Does one get Salwar-kameez over there?

Nah! That’s such a rarity. We even hit the gym in sarees and half-sarees. Could you please parcel some of those to my region? The Government would be grateful.


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