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10 Awesome Things You Cannot Get In USA.


10 Awesome Things You Cannot Get In USA.

US remain an ideal dream city for riches and many. It is stuffed with many super awesome things but there are few things that are really hard to find in Unites States. The only way to grab and pop these products if you are staying in US is dumping them in your shopping cart or landing to some other country in sake of them. Check out some things which you won’t find in US.

1. Habushu

Habushu is an excellent alcohol which is only produced in china and it has many dangerous extra ingredients in it. It contains venomous snake inside, and if you drink this it will enhance your manhood.



2. Champagne Soda

This is a special beverage with alcohol soda in it and this is the best liquor to be drunk at any special occasions.



3. Oreo

You remember this awesome thing, Right? You cannot get Oreos in US and we really need to think on this serious issue to get them back in US.



4. Banana Cue

Banana Cue is soaked in sugar and deep fried till it gets golden brown. This is a snack from Philippines and we cannot enjoy this in America.



5. Kitkats

You get Kitkats in various tastes like strawberries, blue berries and some more fruit flavours. However these yum flavoured Kitkats cannot be enjoyed in US.



6. Martabak Manis

Martabak Manis is a pancake made in butter and stuffed with peanuts and chocolate. However you should file a petition to get back this yum Indonesian dish back to the country.



7. Cheese Bar

Cheesecake Candy bars are among those utterly delicious snacks we get. However, if you stay in US you would not be able relish them here.



8. Tube Packed Foods

Just like rest other countries in the world, you cannot get foods or normal ketchups packaged in tubes and sold in US.



9. Options in McDonalds

McDonalds provide a huge variety of burgers and other snacks. However, you do not get more option of McDonald’s products in US.



10. Egg flavoured Mcflurry

Cadbury and McDonald’s offers egg flavoured creamy Mcflurry, but you can find around in many other places but not in this beautiful country.



Do comment in the box and let us know some more products that we cannot get in US.

UPDATE:- We extremely apologize for posting an article without proper research. We got emails & messages regarding Kit Kat & Oreo bisuits that they are available in USA too. Our writer got this information from an unknown source which seems to be unreliable and incorrect. We will make sure that we are not posting any article on our website without proper research. We are extremely sorry for this blunder.

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