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10 Awkward Pictures Of Bollywood Celebrities That Will Make You ROFL

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10 Awkward Pictures Of Bollywood Celebrities That Will Make You ROFL

No doubt Bollywood stars have brought various new concepts for us, fashion trends, made and broke many rules. Whatever they are on screen, they remain the most charming, glamorous and idol personalities in many of our lives. Like we all have some memorable funniest moments and troll photographs of our personal life, Bollywood stars too have some of them. They have always seen in award functions with their wonderful outfits, makeup, smile and their perfect pouts. Have you ever wondered how these personalities are in their real life, they are really weird and funny. Many news channels have managed to spot some troll and funniest pictures of Bollywood stars. When I narrate them, you won’t stop laughing and will see some the funny part of their life. You will enjoy looking their expressions and wired faces. Let’s see some of the hilarious funny pictures from Bollywood.

1. This diva is considered one among the most beautiful lady and yummy moms these days. She is being caught with expressions which are really funny and enjoyable.


2. The little Anjali girl is trying alerting others with her angry expression. Check out her expression which is not scary but a funny one.



3. Haha, look at her expressions. I really wonder how big she can actually open her mouth to shout at someone.



4. This fashionista also gave us a point to laugh, a total weird and unique expressions. She is so deep in her thinking that she actually forgot the cameras where catching her.

sonam-kapoor-funny-photos (1)


5.Again caught with one of her funniest moment, she is so happy with her award that she cannot resist from expressing them.



6. I actually think, she wanted to mix horror humour with her dance. The expression is really funny and not acceptable while dancing.



7. Priyanka Chopra flashes with her weird and funny expression, where she purposely does that before camera. Overall a good attempt to make funny expressions.


8. Alia Bhatt caught with her confused expression, where she is not able to catch up and understand things. I understand how difficult it can be to focus for her.



9. She is one of the cute and adorable actresses; here she is spotted with her funny expressions.



10. Again caught with her candid funny expressions, her lip job is clearly seen here.



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