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10 Best Cities Of The World To Visit! Check Out If Your City Is In This List!


10 Best Cities Of The World To Visit! Check Out If Your City Is In This List!

Weekends are to relax and to find a getaway from the hectic and tiring life we have to survive in the first 5 days of the week.

In this Monday-Friday routine, we face all kinds of pollution, restlessness and work pressure. The quality of life we lead today is far below the levels that we demand and work for. One question that always pops up in mind is, what’s the purpose of all this hard work? It’s a Saturday, and you might be spending some calm time with your closed ones or would be planning to go out for a party. So between all this, here’s something to make your weekend and tell that not all places in the world have an average standard of living.

Mercer has come up with a fresh list of cities worldwide with the best quality of living. The list is made considering various factors like socio-political environment, socio-cultural environment, economic environment, school and education, medical and health considerations, public facilities and transportation, natural environment etc.

So before the weekend ends and you get ready for the regular and tedious life, check out these beautiful cities which can be your goal to visit in future.

10. Basel, Switzerland

Whenever we plan an outdoor trip, Switzerland is always among the top names that come on the fingertips. Many Bollywood films and their dream sequences have been shot here. The beauty of this country is unbound and is a center of attraction for travelers worldwide. No doubt, Basel, from Switzerland has made it to the list of Mercer’s Top 10 cities.

9. Copenhagen, Denmark

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Popular as one of the happiest places in the world, Copenhagen has been placed at the 9th rank in the list. Originally a fishing village, Copenhagen has emerged a city with strong urban and cultural development and is famed for its work-life balance.

8. Geneva, Switzerland

Another city from Switzerland proudly stands at 8th rank in the list. Goals for Switzerland getting stronger!

7. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt from Germany is as beautiful as we feel while pronouncing its name. The city is also known as ‘Mainhattan’, and is inspired by Frankfurt’s skyscrapers. Frankfurt is a home to some of the world’s most famous trade shows, including the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is also a hive for professional services jobs.

6. Dusseldorf, Germany

The beautiful city of Germany makes an impressive mark on the list of Mercer, thanks to the impressive results in all the aspects especially the fashion industry and art scene.

5. Vancouver, Canada

If you’ve ever been to Canada, you must have visited Vancouver for sure. It is among the most beautiful places in the world and stands on the 5th rank. You can’t ignore the beautiful ethnic diversity of the city despite being among the densest cities of Canada.

4. Munich, Germany

Another city from Germany has been placed high on the list and it is Munich. It’s appealing for the abundance of a thriving culture and the way it holds the change every Autumn and manages to mesmerize everyone.

3. Auckland, Newzealand

Auckland from one of the most beautiful countries New Zealand stands at No. 3 on the list.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

After Basal & Geneva, Zurich is another proud city of Switzerland to rank high on the list at No.2.

1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna from Austria has a lot of qualities going by its side and thus proudly stands at No. 1 rank for the seventh consecutive time.

Well, I just want to pack my bags right now and visit all these places. What are your thoughts?

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