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10 Best Places In Kolkata To Relish Fish Fry


10 Best Places In Kolkata To Relish Fish Fry

Kolkata has become synonymous with “Fish & Rice eating people”. But believe me everybody is proud of the fact that they have these trait in them. So, whenever you plan to come to this part of India, make sure to relish the “National Dish of Bengal” 😛 D . FISH FRY.
Not that every Bong enjoy and relishes the “Maach Bhaja” but surely those who don’t are in Loss.
Check these amazing and super-affordable place in Kolkata to enjoy “THE FISH FRY”

1.Adi Malanch – Hatibagan

Adi Malancha

2.Café – Hazra


3.Chacha’s Hotel – Kolkata


4.Campari – Gariahat Crossing


5.Mitra Café – Sovabazar

Mitra Cafe

6.New Basanta Café – Hedua

Basanta Cabin

7.Sankar’s Fry – Triangular Park

Sankar's FRY

8.Chitta Babur Dokan – Dacres Lane



9.Benfish – Saltlake, Sector 1


10.Bijoli Grill – Bhawanipur

Bijoli Gril

All these places will only leave you yearning for more! Seriously Lip-smacking

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