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10 Best Things Future Generations Will Miss Badly


10 Best Things Future Generations Will Miss Badly

We live in an era which is full of technology and much of our time is consumed in such devices. At the same time, for being up to the minute and afraid of the fear of lagging behind, we make such stuffs a part of our lives like selfies, smartphones, social media and networking sites, e-books, e-shopping and so on. But while doing this, we forget that we are missing some of the most cherished moments of life that we used to live earlier.

Below I have listed 10 such things that used to give immense pleasure a few years back and gradually becoming obsolete. It’s for this reason that the day is not far when they will become things in existence long ago and future generations will miss something really worth enjoying!

1. Super Exciting Video Games


2. Orkut – The most popular social networking site at a time


3. Telephone – Ring Ring


4. Making Paper Boats and playing with them during rain


5. The first ever Nokia mobile – It had Rajanikanth’s power


6. The most enjoyable cartoon ‘TOM AND JERRY’


7. This ‘epic’ Keypad


8. Craze for a New Book

9. Outdoor Games full of energy and pleasure


10. Fun time with all family members

Fun time with all family members


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