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10 BIG U-Turns That BJP Has Taken After Coming To Power! All Modi Fans Need To Read This!


10 BIG U-Turns That BJP Has Taken After Coming To Power! All Modi Fans Need To Read This!

When Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister, people had many expectations from him. They felt he will surely keep up to his promises and have taken the right decision of voting it to power. However the “Ache-din” of BJP were characterized by a lot of U-Turns. Yes, the promises made were completely different from the actions taken. Due to this, it has also gained the reputation of being “U-Turn Sarkar”. Even Congress alleged that BJP has gone back on all the promises that were made during the election time. Be it its stance on Black money or be it about FDI, everything has gone contrast. When in opposition, BJP had a different opinion, but when it came to power, the thinking reflected drastic changes.

Some people also accuse BJP of fooling them and misleading them only to come in power. We know that all you BJP supporters will rubbish these claims; but let us show you those major U-Turns with appropriate proofs.

1. FDI

In the year 2013, when BJP was in opposition, it obviously was against the proposal of hiking FDI cap to 49 percent. Although they agreed to all other proposals, this was a point they just couldn’t digest. Now, when they came to power, BJP completely favored 49% cap and pushed the bill too. However, it received opposition in Rajya Sabha.

2. Aadhar card

While campaigning for Lok Sabha elections, BJP said that Aadhar card doesn’t take care of national interests. Ananth Kumar, while contesting against Nandan Nilekani stated that Aadhar card would be scrapped and criminal proceedings will be initiated for all who are responsible for it. However, when PM Modi came to power, the Aadhar card was favored; it received a smooth go ahead.

3. Land swap deal

When BJP was in opposition, the deal of swapping land with Bangladesh was opposed so that border disputes are resolved. Even the Vice President of BJP Assam stated that this deal will not bring any benefits to the state. But things changed when BJP came to power; when PM Modi visited Assam for 2 days he signed this deal and quoted the reason of “Assam’s security” for the same.

4. Bangladeshi immigrants

While giving election speeches, Modi made big claims that that they will throw out all Bangladeshi immigrants; they gave them some big threats. But what happened after coming to power? BJP government supported them and in fact, gave them visa-free entry.

5. Civil nuclear deal

During Congress rule, when there were attempts of bringing the Civil Nuclear deal between US and India, it was termed by BJP as against the nation’s interest. They also brought about amendments in the bill and halted it. However, after coming to power, it is indeed a proud moment for them; now, the government has signed the deal with US.

6. Black money

This was the key poll agenda of BJP. They had made promises of bringing back the wealth of India that was stashed abroad within 100 days after assuming power. Moreover, it also promised that it will reveal the names of those people having illegal accounts in abroad. Even after a year, the government wasn’t able to make them public; it sought some more time for this. In October 2014, it refused to make the names public, may be due to power of some big people. However, this was a betrayal to the voters, don’t you think so?

7. Railway fares

When Modi was in power, he had opposed the price hike so as to curb corruption. He opposed rise in railway fares and gave several threats. He even wrote a letter to the PM asking him to withdraw this rise in fare, since it bypassed the parliament. Moreover, a “Rail Roko Andolan” was held when UPA increased the prices just by 2 percent. After coming to power, BJP rose the rail fare by 14.2 percent and freight by 6.5 percent. There was no plan announced for betterment of railways; once again breaking hopes of millions of people.

8. Rao Inderjeet Singh

When Congress was in power, BJP tagged Rao Inderjeet Singh as corrupt and strict action was demanded against him; but when BJP came to power, he suddenly became clean and was appointed as the Junior defense minister. What a major U-Turn!

9. Electricity rates

Before Delhi Polls, BJP promised 30 percent cheaper electricity, but once it came to power, the Modi-government took a U-Turn. Since then, there has been an increase in the electricity rates twice. Once it was increased by 8.32 percent and 2nd time, it was increased by 7 percent.

10. Demonetization

In 2014, when RBI had proposed the move of demonetization, by withdrawing currency notes issued before 2005, BJP had opposed it saying that this move won’t address the issue of black money and termed it as “Anti-poor”. Now, when BJP came to power, it immediately banned Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes as a measure to deal with illicit and black money.

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