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10 Chick-Flicks That No Matter What All Girls Love To Watch Alone

10 Chick-Flicks That No Matter What All Girls Love To Watch Alone RVCJ Media


10 Chick-Flicks That No Matter What All Girls Love To Watch Alone

Yes, all the girls secretly wish that their life turns into a fairytale. No doubt, girls are ambitious, super-confident and self-independent, but there’s always a scope for a little fairytale. Who doesn’t want their life to be perfect and a perfect way to slip into one is watching movies which give us a break from our heavy duty role.

Be it for simple and pure entertainment purpose or to imagine ourselves in the movie. There are some chick flicks that all girls love to watch. And, what can be better when you are alone and have full access to the remote control.

So, here I am… Jotting down some chick-flicks for you and let’s see if you also equally enjoy them or not.

1. Pretty Woman


Cmon, there is a reason why this tops the list. A movie for all who have lost hope of finding their love, and suddenly the most random person simply sweeping you off your feet. Who doesn’t want such a story to recreate in their life.

2. 27 Dresses

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How much we aspire to be the one beside our friends on their important day of life. And, expect that they all will be there for you. But wait, where’s the prince charming? Maybe right beside you, with whom you are fighting.

3. The Devil wears Prada

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This movie is just not about Fashion and Paris, but if you look into the wider aspect. See the hard work that Anne Hathaway puts in, how easily she changed, but realized where heart actually belongs

4. The Intern

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This movie is for all those ladies who have a heavy duty job, being a mother and highly ambitious woman is a difficult task and juggling between the two is far more difficult. The flick will melt your heart, and inspire you to be more respectful towards yourself.

5. How to lose a guy in 10 days

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Every love story is different. The thing we assume that your guy might hate can be the most adorable thing in his eyes. That’s why its said – Opposites Attract”

6.Dear John

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This can be a story that people having long distance will relate to, Watch the movie and learn how beautiful love can be

7. Monster-in-law

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I don’t know how many of you will relate to this, but watch and learn how you can make people fall in love with you. Just BE YOU!

8. Bride Wars

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This movie will make you realize the importance of having one such friend with whom you can quarrel but still be assured that they will be at your back forever.

9. What women want

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Only if you the power vested on Nick Marshall was given to us.

10. Bimboland

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If you are the girl, different from the crowd. Doesn’t understand the obsession for PINK. Watch the movie now.

I am sure, I really missed some major movie, but all cannot make it to Top 10. Do share if you have any other movie on your mind in the comment box below

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