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10 Comebacks For People Who Tell You Smoking Is Harmful.


10 Comebacks For People Who Tell You Smoking Is Harmful.

Isn’t it irritating when you’re standing alone and having a nice smoke and someone out of the blue starts talking to you about cancer and death and weird abnormalities. Hold on, we are aware of the consequences. We CAN read. We can see. Even after explaining and politely telling them why you do it, still don’t understand? Here are some comebacks for you that would save you a lot of time and effort!

1. I know but it makes me look cool in front of the other kids.* wicked smile*

2. But no one respects a quitter.

3. It’s medically prescribed; doctor says I need tar in my lungs.

4. So does your continuous nagging, gimme a break.

5. Is this how you talk to your elders? No manners! *walk away*

6. Yeah, I will put this down when my bills are paid, college loan is done, and I fight my anxiety, when my boss starts loving me and when you mind your own business.

7. I’m sorry I don’t speak orthodox and snob; do you speak sense or English?

8. Yeah we should talk about it after poverty, malnourishment, corruption and religious conflicts.

9. I’ll keep this advice with my cigarette butts. In the dustbin.

10. I think I can smell something that’s killing me. * sniff * Ooh, it’s you. * stare game on *

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